PSW Media Updates: Early August

PSW Media Updates: Early August

An interesting contrast in finances highlights this bi-weekly edition of ‘personal support worker media updates’.

Both stories originate from Northern Ontario.

The first comes via the Mitchell Advocate, outlining a number of Staff layoffs at the local ‘Ritz Lutheran Villa’. There is a shortfall of roughly $70,000 per month, which in the article, is being attributed to a lack of funding from the Provincial Minister of Health–none other than the often maligned Deb Matthews.

To make up the $70,000, a total of 4 full-time positions– a mixture of PSW’s and RPN’s– are to be laid off. On top of this two afternoon PSW shifts will be cut back upon.

The second story highlights a different financial scenario; it also places some salary numbers on upper management positions.

Northernland Today reports that the Golden Plouge Lodge is looking to replace their associate director of care, as the current worker will retire in 2015. The incoming hire will cost taxpayers $123,473 per year.

In contrast, the property will also be hiring four additional personal support workers for a total of $210,500 per year.(roughly $42,625 each)

While it’s easy to come to the conclusion that one property is swimming in money while the other is drowing in debt, well, this is too simplistic of a conclusion. Mis-management, beginning & additional funding, fundraising, etc all come into play. But I will say that one director of care being earmarked for three times the salary of a PSW is interesting to say the least…