Advanced Training Techniques used at Sault College

Advanced Training Techniques used at Sault College

The SaultStar recently published an article outlining practical personal support worker training that is currently taking place in Sault College.

Instead of a moving desks around a traditional classroom or using a nearly empty–save a bed– auditorium, Sault College has used over $100,000 ($89K from the Ministry of Health, $16K from the school itself) to build a lifelike 700 square-foot lab for training.

The lab is set-up to look like a small apartment, complete with a bed, kitchen, living room, dining room and washroom, amongst other features. This workspace is purposely cramped to simulate the potential working conditions found within various residential settings.

Using a variety of cameras and microphones, students are guided and taught how to react in this living simulator.

I must say, it’s nice to see a mainstream media example of a personal support worker course taking into account residential size restraints, as well as embracing current technology. Kudos to Sault College for thinking outside the box.