PSW Resume Skills

PSW Resume Skills

Personal Support Worker Resume Skills

Article #22 in our series. Skills that employers are looking for on PSW Resumes and Job Applications

PSW Resume Skills List

NOTE: This article should be used in conjunction with our article: Personal Support Worker Resume Keywords

The following is a selection of skills employers are looking for. This list was created from actual employer skill requests inside job postings from across the web and in traditional print media (classified ads). By no means will you need to posses all of these skill sets. It is advisable to choose your ten best skills and include them in your resume.


provide personal care in a professional manner

works within a team environment

deals with difficult behaviour

deals with different personality types

strong record keeping and reporting skills

communicate with family members

provide care with in the upmost manner of safety possible

knowledge of all workplace and governmental regulations

in most instances skills in first-aid and CPR

strong written and verbal communication skills

knowledge of fire safety procedures

problem solving skills

critical thinking

computer skills

proficiency in a microsoft windows environment

enjoys working with others

enjoys learning


can work independently and as part as a team.

time management skills

computer skills

provides support services for individuals and families

household management skills

professional appearance and demeanour

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