Personal Support Worker Sample Resume

Personal Support Worker Sample Resume

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Personal Support Worker Sample Resume(PSW)

After searching around the Internet I noticed that no one is offering a personal support worker specific resume. So we decided to create one and share it with our readers.

Now a personal support worker resume should be a little different from a standard resume. Due to the nature of the health field the resume should contain an increased focus upon skills, certificates and in-field experience. We’ve included all of this in the sample resume.

Quick Recommendations:

  • You or someone that you know probably owns a printer. Because of this it is now very simple to personalize each resume for each employer. I’ve included a space in the objective for you to input the companies name. I would recommend doing this for each separate job that you apply for.
  • I’ve also left open the option of using bullet points or sentences in the skills section. Bullets are usually scanned, not read.
  • You should register a professional sounding e-mail address from the free services such as yahoo mail or google mail (gmail). Ie if your name is stacy smith then something like sounds far better than
  • I have left the name, email and street area at the top of the resume open

PSW Sample Resume

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* If you are experiencing any trouble opening these files you can download the free Open Office word processing software from Sun Technologies. This software will allow you to view and edit the resume files.

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