2009 Tuition Costs

2009 Tuition Costs

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This is the seventeenth in our series of Personal Support Worker Articles;

Personal Support Worker Tuition Costs

After receiving a question via e-mail regarding course costs I decided to do a little fact finding. Below are the results of informal 2009 PSW Tuition research. If you are creating a school budget you should use the various average costs as a guideline.

Note: None of these costs include supplies, books, uniforms, etc. The average estimate for this collection of costs is around $500 per course, regardless of institution (traditional college, private college, school board)

Traditional College:

Average cost: $2725

Here’s a sample of four Ontario College’s tuition charges (for two semesters or one full PSW course)

Loyalist- $2668

Georgian- $3272

St. Lawrence College – $2804

Conestogac- $2200

Private Colleges

Average Cost: $4000

I could only find readily available private college info on one site. From past experiences courses can range for $3500 – $4500.

Canadian Business College – $4605

School Board

Average Cost: $1500

School Board courses are always the cheapest option for obtaining a personal support worker certificate

Lifetime learning (St. Catharines) – $1400

Keep in mind that this is a very informal PSW Tuition survey. Costs and experiences will vary depending on schools, locations, etc.