Course Differences

Course Differences

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Personal Support Worker Certificates

I had an e-mail sent to me the other day asking for a little more information on personal support worker certificates.

A PSW certificate is what a school/learning institution gives to students upon successful completion of a course. A certificate is needed for most PSW jobs in the province of Ontario.


The program standard is outlined in a rather lengthy fashion by the Ontario ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. As long as the program has been certified by the Ontario Government (make sure to ask about this specifically) then the learning institution provider has a sizable amount of latitude when it comes to specific course structure, as long as the three program standards are meet (Vocational, Generic Employability Skills and General Education Standard). For a long and dry program standard you can visit this official Ontario Government page.

In a nutshell the course can vary from institution to institution, but in general expect some overall health care education, personality management skills and on the job co-op experience. Course length, cost and material differ from school to school.

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