Course Time Demands

Course Time Demands

This is the fourth in our series of Personal Support Worker Articles;

PSW Article #4: Personal Support Worker Course Time Demands


Personal Support Worker Course Time Demands (PSW)

How?s that for a abstract title? Now what exactly do I mean by time? For a PSW or any course for that matter, the time issues that arise are usually based around time of day (employment issue) and length of the course itself (in terms of years). To make this easier to navigate, we will break the time issue down via the type of school that you attend.

Typically outside institutions (ie non-college) deal mostly in accelerated classes. On the other hand, most colleges courses are spaced out over four semesters or two years (an exception to this is a 1 1/2 year accelerated college course).

Learning Centers, Non-Colleges

Expect a regular personal support worker course to last upwards to a year and a half and an accelerated course to last approximatley 8 months. Obviously factoring in your time and outside emloyment situations is a must before deciding upon which type of course to take.

A selection at least on this level should be based upon your available time. An accelerated class is demanding, taking up approximately 30+ hours per week between classes and in-field placements. Take into account your time, and job flexibility. Class time & placements usually take place during the regular 9 – 5 business hours. Ask yourself if your current employer is flexible enough to work around these hours or if this even a relevant issue.

Colleges & PSW Courses

Colleges (two year courses) also run primarily during regular business hours (which could be an issue with your employer), although course times are usually spaced out with periodic breaks between classes. A sample format is a class from 9 – 10:30, a class at 12 – 1, 1 -2:30, 3 – 4:30. Again, that is only a sample but as you can see it still takes up the regular 9 – 5 schedule.

Night Courses

Different institutions will offer night courses, although these are usually longer in length (3+ years) due to smaller (more spaced out) amount of classroom & placement hours. Placements for these courses usually take place on the weekend.

This is just a rough outline of the different options that exist. Each course at each institution will have its own set of hours for class time and placements. Make sure to check your schedule and theirs to find the best fit for your psw course.