PSW Training

PSW Training

Personal Support Worker Training

Sorting out the sometimes confusing term ‘PSW Training’, which has different connotations depending on the source.

At times the term can be related to a course, at other times location specific duties and in a final scenario it may refer to private learning or an upgrading of skills.

Here are the three main types of personal support worker training: courses, on the job / employer specific, and outside or employer sponsored workshops.


The majority of internet search results referring to PSW Training are geared towards PSW certificate courses or schools. The educational aspect that most learning institutions refer to are in class teachings and subsequent co-op placements. This also includes the separate modules that help make up a course curriculum.

On The Job Training

On the job training is usually carried out by a manager, team of employees or fellow staff member. This type of training can take place at the beginning of new employment and/or can be ongoing. The specific teachings are usually employer & workplace specific and varies from location to location. The task duties are most likely confined to the workplace (i.e. no additional certificates) and can vary from formal to informal.

Employer or Private Workshop Training

Workshop education & learning is similar to on the job training but is usually carried out by a supervisory agency and will include a certification upon completion. It is more of an on-going or upgraded learning phase. Examples can include NCI (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention) training, updated CPR & First-Aid, operating mechanical lifts , and other related workshops.