Top 5 PSW Job Employment Requirements

Top 5 PSW Job Employment Requirements

This is the twelfth in our series of Personal Support Worker Articles;

PSW Article #12: Top 5 PSW Job Employment Requirements

Top 5 PSW Job Employment Requirements

Over the past month I have conducted some informal personal support worker job research. What I was specfically looking for was employer requirements. While this
study is informal the data has been obtained from 25 PSW want ads.

#1 PSW Certificate

This is the number one requirement in the province, with 22 of 25 employers requiring a certifcate. In the past I’ve discussed the ease in which one can obtain a job without a certificate but with the industry growth, along with courses being offered those days may be numbered. If you’re interested in taking a course visit PSW School & Course for a complete list of courses throughout Ontario.

#2 First Aid Certificate

The clear cut number two requirement for a PSW job is owning a first aid training certificate. See #3

#3 CPR Certification

This is listed separately from first aid training in most want ads. Three employers required first aid but not CPR. Regardless, this is an important certificate to hold and can usually be acquired concurrently with a first aid certificate. If you need either a first aid or CPR certificate the Red Cross offers both courses regularly.

#4 Own Transportation

I was surprised by just how many employers required applicants to have their own transportation. As with any job having a ride will make life easier, although this could be taken a step higher due to possible health concerns of clients and outreach style positions.

#5 Minimum of One Year’s Experience

This can be a barrier to entry for brand new job seekers. If you have taken a course, your co-op experience should be enough for you to get a position.