Personal Support Worker Cover Letter Tips

Personal Support Worker Cover Letter Tips

This is the fourteenth article in our series of Personal Support Worker Articles;

PSW Article #14: Personal Support Worker Cover Letter Tips – A few tips to help you create a cover letter that will get you to the top of the call back list.

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Personal Support Worker Cover Letter Tips

This article should be read before using our Sample PSW Cover Letter

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The cover letter is a sometimes forgotten and often overlooked tool in a job hunters repertoire. While the resume does carry a high level of importance many employers can have a difficult time differentiating one from another. A well though out and prepared cover letter can make a candidate stand out.

What exactly is a cover letter? It is a short, two to four paragraph letter that tailors your skill set to a prospective employers wants and needs. If you’d like to look at an example cover letter you can do so by clicking here (sample cover letter – opens in new window)

There are plenty of in-depth cover letter websites on the internet. After you’ve read what we have to say about PSW related cover letters you can Google the search term ‘cover letter’ by using our google search box located on the left hand side of the screen.

Here’s an actual PSW Job advertisement from back in February 2009

Before we write our cover letter let’s collect some information on Chartwell, the company that placed this ad. A quick Google search gives us a corporate website. Once on the website let’s work our way over to the Corporate Mission.

This is a great base to work with. Now we know exactly what the company stands for (and wants to hear in a cover letter). We now know that seniors are the clientele and that family assurance is a key skill.

When writing our cover letter we will want to include phrases such as (or similar to)

    I enjoy working with seniors
    I understand and respect the transitory nature of the clients
    I enjoy providing feedback and obtaining information from family members, all in the goal towards providing optimal care.

If you have the chance to add in some of these employer related specifics along with the usual ‘this is why I enjoy the job’ ‘here are my qualifications (cpr, first-aid, school, any training certificates, etc)’ then you’ll be right at the top of an employers interview list.