PSW Q+A: Do Males have a hard time getting a job?

PSW Q+A: Do Males have a hard time getting a job?

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PSW Article #15: PSW Employment Question: Do Males have a hard time getting a job?

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Do Males have a hard time getting a job?

The other day I received the following e-mail in my inbox:

I am interested in taking the Personal Support Worker program
at Humber College starting in September. I really want to know
the demand for male PSW’s…. Please get back to me as soon as
possible. Any information would be helpful. I did read the website,
but it did not give any info on the male perspective for employment…
I did read that a lot of money was allocated for this industry, but
I would like to know how quickly a job can be found once graduating
with no experience.

Right off the start employers are bound to hire anyone, regardless of sex, religion, nationality, etc if they meet the qualifications. Unfortunatley things don’t always go this way.

However, from my workplace experience (along with a couple of friends that I asked) the male percentage of PSW is rather high, I would say about a quarter or a third. I’ve never heard of a male PSW having a problem obtaining employment.

As for the second part of your question, regarding experience, all Ontario based personal support worker courses have heavy co-op requirement (over 400 hours). My quick advice would be to try and break up your co-op hours at a few different employers, which should help pad the experience section of your resume.

My recommendation would be to go for it. Males aren’t discriminated or looking down upon in the personal support worker industry, so you shouldn’t have any problems obtaining a job upon successful completetion of an accredited course.