PSW Job Description V1

PSW Job Description V1

The first in our series of Personal Support Worker Articles;

PSW Article #1 :Introduction to Personal Support Worker Job Description and Job Settings


Introduction to Personal Support Worker Job Description and Job Settings

Support workers provide services to people who need help with their daily needs. You will provide these services in facilities and within the community. Supervised by a nurse or other professional, you are a vital part of a health care team. Legislation, employers policies, and the person?s condition influence how you function and how much supervision you will need. Once you gain the required experience, you will find that you are able to adapt your care depending on the setting and situations that arise.

Ultimately, the goal of the support work is to improve the individuals overall quality of life. Care needs to be provided in a kind, sensitivity, and understanding manner. While tending to the person?s physical needs, you can also help to relieve loneliness, provide comfort, encourage independence, and promote the person?s self-image. Your service helps people in their homes remain independent. You should always conduct yourself in a manner that let?s the individual know that you care for them and about them. You will make a positive difference in people?s lives!

Now, let?s take a look at where you?ll be performing your tasks as a personal support worker. There are two accepted groupings of locations, the first being facility-based and second, community based. To be listed as a Facility-based workplace, a location must provide accommodations, health & support services. There are several different types of facilities, including hospitals and long-term care (retirement) homes. Community-based workplaces include locations within the community where health care and services are provided, but where overnight are not necessary. The most common of these settings would be a person?s home.

Next time, we?re going to take a look at the basic responsibilities of a personal support worker.