Personal Support Worker Jobs in Toronto

Personal Support Worker Jobs in Toronto

Article #21 in our series. The best sources to find employment in Toronto and the GTA

PSW Employment in Toronto and the GTA

Large, vast, the capital of Ontario and the most popular city in all of Canada. Toronto.

Below is a quick and dirty guide to finding a personal support worker job in Toronto.

Broad Search or Search Specifics?

What’s the best way to search? Before selecting a sources it’s important to establish where your personal job market boundaries will be set. Are you flexible to move around much of the GTA? Then a broad based ‘Toronto’ search may be best.

If you’re tied into a smaller area it can sometimes be a daunting task to narrow down a search. Tips include breaking searches and sources down into specific regions such as Vaughn, Halton, or cities within those regions such as Brampton, Markham, etc. However, while this certainly helps, occasionally even individual cities that had past ties with Toronto such as Etobicoke, Scarborough are lumped into Toronto search results. Try searching for both Toronto and the specific region/city.

The Best Sources


This website does a good job filtering numerous online job sites, company hiring boards and even offline print sources and providing the best PSW Jobs in Toronto. They break things down into wide based GTA and city based (an example would be Brampton) results. It’s not perfect but it is updated every M-F and is the best source on the internet.

Canadian Job Bank

A super resource with employment opportunities for any job imaginable. Unfortunately these days some of the larger employers are taking advantage of the free nature of the site and essentially spamming the listings by adding 10+ postings for various cities across the province. The best bet is to do a broad based ?personal support worker’ search with Ontario selected as the province. This ensures that search results that include Toronto and the region/cities within it.

Local Job Centres

Local job centres can be a good and free source for PSW positions. However, these usually tend to be private contracts from individuals instead of corporations/health care facilities.


Toronto is the media capital of Canada and while there are a number of papers in the area only one consistently posts personal support worker want ads. That paper would be the Toronto Star. Luckily, the Star has an agreement worked out for their classified ads with Workopolis. With the ever rising cost of print newspapers take a pass and look at the job postings online.

Kijiji is a good source for employment opportunities in the industry… if you have the time to work through the listings. Since this is a free service many psw’s clog up search results and directory listings with work wanted ads and resumes. Filtering by topic will help reduce (but not eliminate) the added noise. Still, it’s a good source for smaller and sometimes single house work.