Non-Academic Course Requirements

Non-Academic Course Requirements

This is the fifth in our series of Personal Support Worker Articles;

PSW Article #5: Personal Support Worker Non-Academic Course Requirements

Personal Support Worker Non-Academic Course Requirements (PSW)

If you are thinking of applying to a personal support worker course make sure to have all of your documented health checks in order. Over at the Humber College Personal Support Worker information page they include a list of their health requirements.

  • Overall record of immunization
  • Proof of receiving a Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Police Record Check. (Note: Typically a standard fare police background check will do. These typically cost around $40, although prices do vary by region. Make sure to check your school’s requirements. Some schools request more in-depth checks than others.)
  • Students will be have to complete standard first aid and basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate courses prior to the beginning of classes

This example course (Humber again) also outlined a wish that all students get into good cardiovascular shape. Although this isn’t a requirement, it is advised and well worth while to get in shape before entering this field.

Of course different schools may have some slight variations on their requirements but since the Ontario government sets program standards one would assume that this list is fairly uniform across all institutions.