PSW Registry Announced

PSW Registry Announced

Looking at the newly announced PSW Registry

PSW Registry Announced

Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews : “This, for the first time ever, recognizes personal support workers (PSWs),”
, as the new Ontario personal support worker registry was announced on May 19th, 2011.

All personal support workers that work in publicly funded health care agencies and homes will have to register with the Ontario government.

The Electronic registry keeps track of work experience, where the PSW earned their certificate (and other relevant educational data) and the employees contact information.

This system will give employers and clients more information regarding PSW employees. However, how these three outlined registry inclusions help current PSW’s remains to be seen.

The one silver lining behind this registry could be the educational facet. This should help crack down on some of the fly-by-night schools within some regions. (FYI, for a legitimate list of educational institutions you can visit our PSW Schools and Courses page).

Supporters of the registry point towards it being a foot into the political arena for PSW’s.

The starting date for the registry is set for a soft launch in the summer of 2012. Hopefully more details are released in the coming months. While the registry does help to lend some legitimacy to the profession (finally!), additional employee related benefits would be welcome.

Stay tuned to for future registry updates.

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