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Student Loans – Province of Ontario

A large percentage of students will require some type of student loan. Most Personal Support Worker courses take place in Ontario. But not all are covered by OSAP. If you are going to a non-college or university PSW course, you may need to acquire funding from a regular lending institution (for example, a bank). If you are taking a full-time personal support worker course at a traditional college, you may be eligible for OSAP.

The best advice that we can give you is to check with your school to see what resources and information that they can provide. On this page we have a brief outline of OSAP, and some governmental and non-governmental information sites. Below that are a few links to some reputable student school loan institutions. If all else fails feel free to use the google search box at the top of this page.


OSAP Information – Ontario

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides eligible students with various types of assistance based upon financial need. The OSAP program includes the following plans for full-time students.


Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan (interest-free while a student is attending post-secondary school full time)

Canada Study Grants

High-Need Students with Permanent Disabilities

Students with Dependents

Students with Permanent Disabilities

Women in Doctoral Studies


Canada Millennium Excellence Awards

Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship


Bursary for Students with Disabilities

Canada Millennium Bursary

Child-Care Bursary Plan

Ontario Special Bursary Plan

Student Loan Information

OSAP Main Page


Canada Student Grants Program (CSGP)

Canada Student Loans (non-OSAP)

CanLearn – Offical Gov Site Dealing with Student Loans, etc

Non-Governmental Student Loan Institutions

While there are a number of financial lending institutions online, your best bet is to visit local banks, credit unions and student loan centres to shop for the best student loan rates.

Search for a local lendor via Google:




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