Employment Trends

Employment Trends

Personal Support Worker Job Market

Article #18 in our series. The employment market appears to be getting tight. Why is this the case and what can one do to counter-act this situation?

Employment Market Tightens

While this is far from a scientific experiment, the staff at personalsupportworker.ca has noticed fewer personal support worker job listings over the past three or four weeks. Checking the volume of employment postings at the top internet sources (Canadian Job Bank and PSW Jobs.com) supports this theory. Why would the job market tighten? We have two main theories (outside of the current economic climate).

Staff Holidays

The prevailing logic is that during the Sept – April school months employers have more overall employees on call, whether they be full-time, contract, part-time or the new influx of students. Regular employees are less likely to take vacation leave during this time due to their own children being enrolled in school. Also, with possible summer expenses and upcoming Christmas needs current staff are more likely to make themselves available for extra shifts, etc

Free Co-op by Students

During the summer months, when personal support worker course enrolment is lower and the majority of workers are taking vacation, the employer has fewer staffing options and thus has to use allocate more funds to overtime hours and wages. During the ‘prime’ course months of Sept – May/April, employers can now fill extra hours with free co-op student hours instead of having to hire additional, wage based employees. All Ontario PSW courses require students to complete nearly 400 hours of co-op placement. This is rarely, if ever, paid employment. Cost conscious employers will opt to use the free employment vs adding additional wages to the payroll.

What to do?

During these months it is imperative for job seekers to keep on-top of possible employment opportunities. A recommendation would be to fix up the your older resume and cover letter and check employment resources (Canadian Job Bank and PSW Jobs.com) on a regular basis.