PSW Hourly Wage Rate

PSW Hourly Wage Rate

Personal Support Worker Hourly Wage Rate

Article #26 in our series. Updated Hourly Wage Rates via data collected by Payscale

Hourly Wage PSW Rates

Payscale recently (September 6th, 2010) updated their average personal support worker hourly wage.

The new rate average is $12.98 to $17.36, which of course represents quite a large gap from high to low.

Some of the more interesting data is including in their employer specific wage information. Five large PSW employers are listed (Bayshore, Red Cross, Saint Elizabeth, Paramed & Comcare).

The average low end hourly wage for these five employers is:


And the high end average is:


If we take the average of these two numbers (simply ($13.50 + $14.78) / 2) then the average wage according to payscale is:


This number is very close to the average $14.53 we found earlier in the year. (read about our average wage survey).

Previous PSW wage averages have been anywhere from $12.71 – $14.53.

Where this takes us

Essentially the average PSW hourly wage has stayed the same in 2010. Not a great sign but realistically this is to be expected due to two factors. One the economy is still in a state of flux. And secondly school’s throughout the province continue to pump out additional PSW’s, which floods the workforce, allowing employers to keep wages at previous rates.

The best way to increase your own hourly wage is to make yourself extremely valuable to your employer. This will force them to give out pay increases in order to keep you under their employ.