Free Milage Tracking Apps for PSWs

Free Milage Tracking Apps for PSWs

Many Personal Support Worker Jobs these days feature some aspect of outreach or transporting clients. In many cases employers will pay PSWs for travel, typically listed as mileage paid in job ads.

Sometimes keeping track of mileage can be a pain; writing things down on paper during a shift, having to take time out off clock to keep track of mileage, calculating how much is owed, etc.

Thankfully, technology can help ease the burden of creating these expense reports. Below are three free mileage tracking options. Two are for newer cell phones (Apple and Android devices with data plans), and the third is a free online document template offered by Google.

Apple iOS Mileage Tracker: Falcon Expenses

Falcon Expenses is an app with multiple features; including a mileage tracking app, as well as receipt scanner.

The mileage tracker can have values added manually or via the iPhones built in GPS tracking. The expense scanner can come in handy if a job requires the PSW to log various expenses outside of mileage.

The program keeps track of these expenses and can export all expenses to a spreadsheet or pdf file, which can then be sent via email.

Android Mileage Tracker: Mileage Logbook

This free Android app is a simple, no-frills approach to tracking mileage. The app draws upon GPS data after the user presses a start button. After the button is pressed it begins tracking, and stops when pressed again.

The program has a built in area for users to put in the dollar amount owed per KM or mile.

On demand, users can export this data into an excel format spreadsheet that can be submitted to an employer for mileage reimbursement.

A great free option, this app works on new and older Android phones, all the way back to Android 2.4.

Google Docs: Mileage Expense Report Template (editable)

Google Docs is Google's free online version of Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, etc).

A user has shared an editable template for mileage expense tracking. This document can be edited to change the mileage from miles to KM, and to also change the amount charged per KM or Mile.

Once completed this doc can be saved, printed out and/or emailed to payroll for reimbursement. The only requirement for this spreadsheet is a free Google account.

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