PSW Media Round-Up 03/04 2012

PSW Media Round-Up 03/04 2012

Here’s the next set of personal support worker mentions, articles and stories found within the mainstream media across the country.

The four top stories (outside of the Ontario Budget) for Mid-March to Early-April 2012.

Senior home CEO gets an earful

After an employee in a nursing home (Ritz Lutheran Villa in Stratgord) committed identify fraud, the CEO of the organization was hammered with angry questions by family members of residents. In this instance he took some of the blame for a lack of a proper background check.

However, even such a large issue such as identity theft wasn’t the only issue on the table. Family members were also upset about the quality of care and the revolving of staff. The CEO seemed to place most of the blame on not being able to hire enough workers for shifts and retention issues.

In my experience and via website emails the problem retention issues usually stem from employers wanting to hire only casual & part-time employees in order to avoid benefits and long-term obligations.

Personal support worker charged with forgery, fraud

Another negative story about PSWs. In this case it is deserved, as an Ontario March of Dimes employee stole money and forged checks of clients.

CTV W5: Long-term care facilities may put seniors at risk

CTV’s W5 looks at an issue that most PSWs know all too well; that long-term care facilities are taking on numerous behavioural clients that belong in other institutions. The piece is solid, although it fails to really crack down on the issue of policing and funding from a Governmental standpoint.

Opening Doors to Senior Support

In a pretty inventive idea, CHATS (Community & Home Assistance to Seniors) has created a hotline of sorts for seniors to call that features access to a number of services such as Meals on Wheels, hospitals, and other programs.