PSW Jobs

PSW Jobs

Personal Support Worker Jobs are available in a variety of different work settings, across a wide spectrum of titles and wage scales. Typically jobs in governmental institutions (Long Term Care Homes & Hospitals) pay the highest wages, while jobs in the private sector can be amongst the lowest paying in the industry.

Wages are typically lower in larger metropolitan areas, as there is a larger workforce competing for positions.

While initially the above prognosis may sound dire, the industry continues to grow year over year, creating new positions and employment opportunities due to age and increasing physical & mental difficulty demographic growth across Ontario and all of Canada.

We have a growing list of over 300 employers, offering personal support worker jobs across a variety of employment types and locations.

This page consists of PSW Jobs in the province of Ontario. These jobs are separated into three separate employment types. They are:

  • Hospitals
  • Governmental Long Term Care Homes (LTC)
  • For Profit and Non-Profit Care Givers

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Average PSW Wage

The average PSW Salary, according to actual job postings from within Ontario is $14.53 per hour. The majority of jobs offered are on a part-time basis, as employers typically favour saving the expense of full-time benefits by spreading employment out on a part-time basis.

PSW Jobs Sorted by City

You can also view jobs by city for ALL three types of employers. To view by city you can visit click any of the links above and then click on the city you're interested in. If the city you're interested in isn't available below, follow one of the three employer types above, and you will likely find a nearby city from within the list:

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