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Site of The Month Archive

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PSW Jobs

I received an e-mail from this new sites operator and man is it awesome. It usually features two or three new job postings per day for various locations across canada. If you’re looking for a personal support worker job I’d advise you check it out.

Canadian Job Bank

The Canadian Job Bank has picked up steam in our current economic climate and now has over 30,000 job listings. Just search for personal support worker or psw after selecting your province and region.

ONTARIO BUDGET 2008: CHAPTER I: Section E (Health Care)

After searching around for a few positives in the current economy I was reminded of the recent slight win for the the personal support industry. Casting aside judgement on the budget itself, it is still hard to overlook the $107 million that the Ontario government budgeted towards hiring 2500 additional PSW’s by 2011. Governmental budget section e outlines the following budget increase:

$107 million over the next three years to move towards 2,500 more personal support workers for long-term care homes. These workers, and the additional nurses referenced above, will significantly improve the amount and quality of care provided to long-term care residents

The link above will take you to the entire health related budget outline.

Full PDF Outlining Physical Demands and Job Requirements

Oxford County (Southern Ontario) has posted up a PDF that outlines all of the on job and physical requirements for personal support worker positions. This is one of the clearest requirement sheets that we have come across. If you’ve every wondered what your job responsibilities will really be then you should give this small PDF file a quick look.

Government of Ontario’s Direct College Link Page

This is a nice page hosted by the Government of Ontario. It lists all 24 Ontario Colleges, along with their address, phone number and a link to each schools website.

Government of Ontario’s Personal Support Worker Program Standards

The governemnt threw me a curve and changed the URL on this great resource. The Ontario Governments Program Standard for all courses is one of the best info sources out there. This should give prospective students an idea of what’s ahead in and out of the classroom.

Ontario Job Watcher

An interesting website that offers PSW jobs all across Ontario.

Kijiji Classified

This probably isn’t the most original or insightful link, yet Kijiji is a great place to look for PSW job offers. Just remember to change the city (right near the Kijiji Graphic) to where you reside or where you are looking for work.


A comprehensive FAQ from Humber College is this week’s site of the week. Certainly worth a quick read.

Actual PSW Job Description

Here’s an actual job listing for a PSW job position in Oxford County. Why is this useful? Well, because it has a complete list of tasks, training and everything that is involed with a personal support worker position. Check it out!

Ontario Hospital Association HireHealthCare : Job Databank

A click through link provided by the OHA to HireHealthCare service that they provide for Ontario hospitals and prospective employees.

Community Care Access Job Centre Locator

This is a great directory of community care access centres, provided by the Ontario Government. Each region of the province is given its own seperate designation and upon each click through you will find website address’, mailing address’, and phone numbers for each centre.

Government of Ontario’s Personal Support Worker Program Standards

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find new, relevant PSW websites out there. To fill in the gap, here’s the Ontario Governments Program Standard for all courses. This should give prospective students an idea of what’s ahead in and out of the classroom.

ARCH To the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council in response to Personal Support Workers in Ontario, Discussion Guide, February 2006

If you’re ever looking for a in-depth and legal perspective on the PSW job role and industry, then you should check out ARCH Disability Law Centre’s webpage. Now this isn’t the most enertaining content out there but if you’re interesting at looking at the field in a different way, give this site a try.

Yahoo Answers: PSW (Personal Support Worker) Good or Bad career choice? WHY?

An interesting question and answer on Yahoo Answers. To continue the conversation, add in any of your thoughts/opinions on whether becoming a PSW is a good career choice.