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PSW Info

PSW Information

Below is a collection of basic information pertaining to a personal support worker, their duties, responsibilities and pay scale. For more in-depth information on schools, jobs, supplies and more please visit the respective pages on the left hand side of the page. You may also find a vast array of information on this website in the form of PSW articles.

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Basic PSW Information

The Canadian Business School succinctly outlines the of duties and responsibilities of a personal support worker;

  • Observes and report’s clinical and treatment information, behavioral changes
  • Assists with range of motion exercises, and other rehabilitative measures
  • Takes and records blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration, bodyweight and height
  • Assists with ambulating and mobilization of patient
  • Collects specimens for required medical tests
  • Provides emotional and support services to care-receivers and families
  • Assists with personal hygiene
  • Assists with meal preparation, grocery shopping, dietary planning, food and fluid intake
  • Quality Care Comes from Quality Training

Although each school will have their own unique admission requirements, the Ontario government requires all personal support students to complete the following before begin taking part in their training placement.;

  • Immunization record
  • Up to date Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Criminal Reference Check

Tuition fees vary, but typically a learning centre course costs approximately $1000 and a college course costs around $2500. This may or may not include supplies such as text books, shoes, scrubs, etc.

Below is a pay table for a personal support worker taken from Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Wages for Home Support Workers (Canada Averages)

Type Public Private NFP Private FP Overall
Unionized $14.65 $11.74 $13.97 $13.49
Non-Unionized $13.42 $11.52 td> $11.79 $11.95
Overall $14.41 $11.66 $12.04 $12.71
*For Updated data visit our PSW Salary article.